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34 Reasons to vote against Trump

The count, from Thursday, October 1 to Tuesday, November 3, is 34 days. Therefore, let’s stay with only thirty-four of President Donald J. Trump’s huge list of 20,000 grievances and lies.

Serve the memory exercise as a thoughtful suggestion about the direction of the vote in the presidential election of the country with the most deaths from Covid-19, plunged into one of the worst economic crises in its history, which changed the indisputable international leadership that it held for almost seven decades for a kind of political romance with dictators and populists.

  1.  I grab women “by the pussy.”
  2. Mexicans are bad men, rapist and criminals
  3. The list goes on and on…

At more than 70 years of age, with serious problems of overweight and hair loss, the former owner of the Miss Universe pageant uses toupees of various colors in a desperate attempt to project himself as a lady’s man to the extreme of ignominy and the grossest insults.

And if the sayings weren’t enough, the facts remain:

The detention, in cages, of migrant children, religious persecution, xenophobia, racism and encouragement of neo-Nazis and other far-right cults. In these years Mr. Trump was subjected to a political trial before the mountains of evidence against him that point to the sense that he arrived at the White House supported by a Russian hackers plot; More people have died from Covid-19 in the United States than in any other country; the economic crisis is the deepest in decades and social polarization has the country on the road to another civil war.

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