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Nothing more obvious to someone with Latin roots than the title of this project, También Somos Americanos, We are Americans as well. That region that some call Latin America or The Western Hemisphere, for more than 600 million people who live south of the Rio Grande, has always been part of the same continent: América, with an accent on é, as it is written in Spanish.

By culture, geology, politics and economy, this part of the world has been part of the same civilization. Immigrants from African lands (like the rest of the human species) we call America the territory that goes from the north of Canada to Patagonia at its southern tip. There are many countries, with different cultures, that communicate in different languages ​​and, in general, share the same values ​​and pray to the same god.

A bureaucratic creation from half a century ago, the Hispanic label is used in the United States of America to identify this human prism who say mamá instead of mom and usually have a less pale skin color than those who arrived, for example, from Germany, Sweden or England.

We Are Also Americans is an editorial project openly committed to the process of integrating this universe into its new home, America the country. We are on our way to the first 10 years of recognizing the treasures of our cultural roots, the great demographic and economic value of a community of more than 50 million people who, even if no one else cross the infamous Wall, very soon will represent a third of the population of the country.

We start with W. Bush and his ranchero style of winning over Mexican sympathy in Texas. We continue with the mega street demonstrations throughout the country and Barack Hussein Obama, his easy verb and his status as “Deporter in Chief.” When, towards the end of that Administration, Joe Biden –vice president–, proclaimed before a group of families of undocumented workers, “You are also Americans”, we thought that the time had finally come for the necessary and pending immigration reform. But Trump came to uncover the Pandora’s box of racism, lies and xenophobia.

And here we continue, with human stories of high journalistic quality, with a broader agenda that recognizes in our people intelligent readers interested in a large number of topics and, hopefully, with the aim of helping us grow. For this reason, for the first time we invite you to donate, whatever you want, whatever you can, so that we can continue joining this great cause that respects diversity, work, education and seeks to strengthen the values ​​that they did, do and will continue to do in order to make the U.S., a great nation.

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