It’s for Mexico

Mexico is a nation much bigger than its borders. It is one of the few countries in the world whose roots are those of an ancient civilization. Its history is rich and plagued with contradictions: good people in a corrupt system, great natural resources and extreme social inequality.

“Poor Mexico! So far from God and so close to the United States!”, A saying almost as popular as that of “Como Mexico no hay dos!”, the famous phrase of Porfirio Díaz reflects a thought that today share almost 120 million people within the Mexican territory.

The Trump nightmare has been able to unite a large majority that refuses to become the favorite sparring in which the new President of the United States tests the blows with which he tries to rise before the rest of the world in his way to restore Imperial America of it´s supposed collapse.

Today, in Mexico, anti-gringo rhetoric became fashionable again. Even among the middleclass and the rich ones, today what is cool, is to complain about the enormous mistreatment the United States promotes against our countrymen, the migrants.

Without recognizing that the economic failure of our own country that couldn´t create the job opportunities that its demographic growth forced, the profound discrimination and racism that have suffered peasants and indigenous people are original causes that forced millions of people to leave ‘to the other side’, now what is politically correct is to talk about the mistreatment against those 35 million people with Mexican roots that have built their home north of the border.

The social reconciliation between these two Mexicans, now divided by the “great, great wall” of Mr. Trump could be, it should be, the greatest opportunity that the new reality that we live.

Nowadays, more than 5 years since the net migration of Mexicans to the United States has maintained a negative rate –there are more who return to Mexico than those who leave it- comes Mr. Trump and his xenophobic and racist flags. Despite the new momentum, there are at least three pillars against Trump´s cleansing project.

¥ Most American society can´t hide their embarrassment and anger over the new White House tenant who was elected by the other half (the small one). The educated and modern part of the United States reject almost everything of the fundamentalist project promoted by their president.

• Popular Mexico –that one of singer Selena, Los Tigres del Norte and La Rosa de Guadalupe- continues to have deep ties with northern Mexico. Also, their influence in both countries is growing. And it could not be otherwise being remittances one of the main sources of economic income for the country.

¥ So is the economic and demographic weight of the Latino community in the United States. Despite President Trump, the fact is that the clear majority of migrants of Mexican origin are US citizens by birth. Together with the rest of the migrants of Latin American origin, they represent a formidable economic force with a purchasing power of 1.5 trillion dollars and, above all, they play a central role in various sectors of the U.S. economy.

For this reason, the best alliance that can be made by those who pushed the modernization of Mexico by strengthening its ties with North America, is precisely to approach the communities of our countrymen who today reside on the north side of the fence. These are just over 7 million families who fear for their own survival in these unlucky moments. Recognizing that they, like all of us, are Americans too, is the right move. As much for a subject of values, as for the own interests of our countries.