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The bitter Winter

Climate change, our getting older or whatever reason, every year the cold season bites us more. This winter has been particularly painful and lethal.

So many people that lost their life in a country like the U.S. is much worse than a horrific tale of bad weather; it is a testimony of an ignored cry of help from those individuals that lack of the very basics in the richest nation on the planet. It´s morally wrong.

Nevertheless, winter is amazing. A hard remainder of the power of nature, the white picture that helps us to understand and value the miracle of reborn that will reward the survivors in the season to come.  It is a fact: without the ice and the snow something would be missing in the magic of the warm weather and the green view.  Not easy to accept, but without dead, life real meaning would be lost.

No matter how painful may be, but in order to keep going forward we should learn to let go many things, experience and even loved ones. Winter may be the right time for just that. Mainly, because we have the chance to imagine the green that may be waiting for us just around the corner.

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